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David Carmona Luis el Zambo
UN SUEÑO DE LOCURA Sep. Fri 21 | 19:00 | De 15,00€ a 20,00€ | BUY

I confess that I always liked the guitar of David Carmona, as of excellent condition I sensed his person. A handful of years have passed since I became aware of their work, and I have to say that from its entry, I believe that back in 2005, in the particular monastery of Liang Shan Po for flamingos, I mean the monastery of Liang Shan-Lúcar, where instead of monk Shaolin practitioner of Kung-Fu comes out the one that is worth and is delivered as a flamenco musician category, David Carmona has grown an enormity and, controlling mind and body, has curdled in proven concert. This seems to have confirmed the maturity of his wise teacher and guides the more than initiated Little Grasshopper of the Camino del Monte, if you allow me to make a play on words that suggests the grenadine grenadine of the disciple. Manolo Sanlúcar has endowed him with the values ​​and knowledge necessary to do good in the art world, and that is what our David Carmona Fernández is up to. Despite the handful of years of which I spoke before, a Chinese will sound all this to David, because he came to the world after a decade of television episodes starring David Carradine, the Hollywood alter-ego of Paco de Lucía. But David Carmona-yes, David, believe it-has something of that temperance that made popular the character of Kung Fu derived from his bonhomie and monastic being. And I’m not getting into a garden; nothing invented This was underlined by the preceptor Manolo Sanlúcar when necessary: ​​”Ours is carried forward only with a monastic delivery, where everything is given and the effort does not count, without expecting much more than the mere satisfaction of contributing an effort to Flamenco” . David Carmona knows a lot about it. For example, the enormous difficulty of being heard that a flamenco guitar soloist suffers in the country that invented it. He knows very well the courage that comes from taking a record forward … Fortunately, there are friends willing to lend a hand, physically and spiritually, to lift your spirits. Without having to refer only to the boobs of the Bo -Huye! -, in this installment -of surrendering body and soul and record delivery- we heard the beautiful echo of Estrella Morente, Arcángel and Carmen Molina. Calm and flamenco, David invites us to accompany him in the present interned by the deepest gaps he has discovered in silence, where we will encounter unfading gems by tarantas – “Obsession” -, or a sublime soleá with unexpected and just closure: There it remains said what he had to say. It offers marine joys for joys, and haunted shadows in that continuous searching. He gets so upbeat and so Andalusian by mixolidierías -Josú, the one that these Greeks formed! -, or, when there is a reason, to celebrate they play por bulerías or to shatter tangos. An album worthy of the best audience. It’s for you! Enjoy it without hurry.

José Manuel Gamboa


Guitar: David Carmona

2nd Guitar: Oscar Zoilo

Cante: Carmen Molina

Percussion: Agustín Diassera

Palmas: The Mellis

Cante: Tomás García

Guest artist: Luis El Zambo


1) Bulerías del Mixolidio

2) Obsession, Taranta.

3) From Sanlúcar to Tesorillo, Alegrías.

4) Desgranár, Tangos.

5) Corner of the soleá, Soleá.

6) Impertinent motive, Bulería.

7) Find yourself out there, Tema in Mixolidio.

8) The detail, at the rhythm of Soleá.

9) … others

David Carmona

David Carmona Fernández, a native of Granada, belongs to a gypsy family where flamenco has been given as a means of expression; hence, some members of this family, the “Fernández de Íllora”, have dedicated themselves in a more professional way to flamenco and have been better known as Ramón de Loja, “El Moreno” (father of Diego “El Cigala”) or Morenito de Íllora. And others such as José Carmona, Carmen Carmona, Isabel Fernández or Evangelino Fernández, best known in the Granada flamenco scene.
David, throughout his professional career has garnered great PRIZES such as:
In 2010, he obtained the Giradillo from the Revelation artist of the XVI Biennial of Flamenco Art in Seville. In 2009, he won the first prize in the XXIII International Competition of Flamenco Guitar in Concert, organized by the Peña Flamenca “Los Cernícalos” in Jerez de la Frontera, and in this same year he won the Fundación Autor-SGAE Award for Musical Composition in the XVIII Choreography Contest of Spanish Dance and Flamenco.
In 2011, he received the... +

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Medio: Bus: Line 13 [Stop Plaza del Duque], Line 14 [Stop Plaza del Duque], Line 27 [Stop Campana-Sierpes] and Line 32 [Stop Campana-Sierpes].

Indicación: The Turina Space is one of the references of the creation and cultural programming in the center of Seville. It occupies a building of long scenic tradition and privileged situation next to the Parasol Metrosol. The building was inaugurated on October 12, 1950. The theater closed in 1987 and was recovered by the El Monte savings bank in 1999, which restored the facilities and used them for the cultural activities of its foundation. In a new stage, the Seville City Council has redefined the space as a cultural container to program shows and training activities in different disciplines. Sala Silvio, for concerts, and Sala Atín Aya, for exhibitions, are added to the Sala Juan de Mairena in a cultural center that is called to host glorious days of scenic arts, music and other cultural proposals.