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Alfredo Lagos SONANTA CLUB Sep. Fri 14 | 19:00 | De 15,00€ a 20,00€ | BUY

Alfredo Lagos presents a journey through the music of his life from the point of view of a flamenco-inspired musician. Their versions of jazz themes and other musical cultures, understood from the flamenco guitar, coexist with their own creations in this instrumental concert Accompanied by a versatile group, the flamenco guitar of Alfredo Lagos is the guide of a musical tour of wide horizons, where we can listen not only to their own compositions, but also their personal vision of great works of universal authors of different cultures.

Alfredo Lagos on “Sonanta Club”:
My path is still searched every day, like that of almost all musicians who feel truly committed to their work. I also have clear, that although I’m on the path of flamenco, because it is what I heard, enjoyed, sucked, since I was born, I do not want, nor in my opinion, I must, give up sounding from other points of view. I like, and I enjoy, jazz, tango, latin music, bossa nova, classical, manouche, among other styles, and now, I feel at the moment of offering my version on these other musics. From this record and concert, I want to tell other different things about previous works. ‘Sonanta Club’ is a song of love for the guitar, where I want to remember great musicians, whom I humbly pretend to approach and reach out to. With the soul in my stick pegs, the staff and the cousin.

Alfredo Lagos: flamenco guitar
Guillermo McGuill: drums
José Atero: electric and acoustic guitar
Antonio Corrales: double bass

Lighting: Rubén Camacho
Sound: Lauren Serrano
Production: Artenautas.info / Alfredo Lagos


Alfredo Lagos

Alfredo began his guitar career at the age of eleven, in his native Jerez. He is part of a generation of guitarists that emerged from the hands of the local masters Balao and El Carbonero, he also studied guitar and solfege at the Conservatorio de Jerez and from a very young age, he began to accompany local cantaores such as Luis de la Pica, El Mono of Jerez and Fernando de la Morena in festivals in the area. With only eighteen years old, he travels with Joaquín Grilo to Japan, where he also plays for Sara Baras. Among the many projects, disc recordings and collaborations, it is worth highlighting the moment in which the producer Isidro Muñoz, asks him to record, together with his countryman Moraíto, on discs by José Mercé. It is essential to name his participation the album “Aire”, one of the most popular albums in the history of flamenco, which will take him to tour through innumerable theaters, from the Royal Albert Hall in London to the... +

Espacio Turina + info and programming
how to arrive:


Calle Laraña nº4 (Casco Antiguo).

Medio: Bus: Line 13 [Stop Plaza del Duque], Line 14 [Stop Plaza del Duque], Line 27 [Stop Campana-Sierpes] and Line 32 [Stop Campana-Sierpes].

Indicación: The Turina Space is one of the references of the creation and cultural programming in the center of Seville. It occupies a building of long scenic tradition and privileged situation next to the Parasol Metrosol. The building was inaugurated on October 12, 1950. The theater closed in 1987 and was recovered by the El Monte savings bank in 1999, which restored the facilities and used them for the cultural activities of its foundation. In a new stage, the Seville City Council has redefined the space as a cultural container to program shows and training activities in different disciplines. Sala Silvio, for concerts, and Sala Atín Aya, for exhibitions, are added to the Sala Juan de Mairena in a cultural center that is called to host glorious days of scenic arts, music and other cultural proposals.