Rocío Molina brings her “Grito Pelao” to la Bienal, with Sílvia Pérez Cruz

Teatro de la Maestranza this Bienal’s coproduction in which the Málaga-born dancer and choreographer reflexes about maternity, accompanied by her own mother and the famous Catalan Singer.

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Grito pelao” is a show created by dancer Rocío Molina, accompanied by the Catalan singer Sílvia Pérez Cruz and her own mother, Lola Cruz. It’s one of the la Bienal’s coproductions, a project that proposes a thought about maternity.

“Grito pelao” also features the guitar of Eduardo Trassierra, the violin of Carlos Montfort, the rhythm of José Manuel Ramos ‘Oruco’ and the electronic landscapes of Carlos Gárate. Carlos Marquerie also contributed on the artistic direction, the dramaturgy, the design of lighting and, alongside Antonio Serrano and David Benito the design of the scenic space.