Real Alcázar

Plaza del Triunfo, s/n. Sevilla

how to arrive: Tranvía

Indicación:T1 stop Archivo de Indias   

Indicación:c5 stop García de Vinuesa (Avda. Constitución) / c3 stop Palos de la Frontera / c4 stop Paseo Colón (Edificio Cristina)   

Indicación:L1 parada Puerta de Jerez   

The Real Alcazar of Seville is the Royal Palace with continued use as the oldest royal residence in the world. Today it remains the official residence of SS.MM. the Kings of Spain during their visits to Seville. The primitive fortification was constructed around the year 884 like defense of the Norman invasion to Seville. The Real Alcázar has witnessed great historical events of all kinds, as well as being a mandatory tourist and cultural reference of the city.