Puerto de Sevilla

how to arrive: The place of the concert will be accessed, free of charge, by presenting the ticket, through the TUSSAM Flamenco Biennial Closing Shuttle. The only starting point of this shuttle is the bus stop of the LC line (Lanzadera Cartuja) of the P1 car park, next to the Blas Infante Metro. At this starting point you can get there by bus (Line 41, stops Av. Alfredo Kraus and Av. Blas Infante / Lines C1, C2 and 6 stop Santa Fe), Metro (station Blas Infante) and private vehicles (free parking) in P1 Blas Infante). On the way out, the shuttle will operate continuously between 7:00 p.m. and 8:30 p.m., with a step frequency of between 5/6 minutes. On the way back, uninterruptedly from the end of the concert (scheduled at 10:30 p.m.) until the complete eviction of all the spectators (scheduled at around 12:00 p.m.).

Indicación:The Port of Seville is located south of the city of Seville, in the estuary of the Guadalquivir River and 75 kilometers from its mouth in the Atlantic Ocean. It is currently the only commercial port in the interior of Spain. The great commercial progress of the fifteenth century did not exclusively affect Seville, but also positively influenced the development of port activity throughout the Andalusian Atlantic coast, from Huelva to Cádiz. That is why the Colombian company was successful in the area. In 1503 the Catholic Kings established in Seville the House of the Contracting of the Indies, which centralized in its port all the Castilian and Aragonese maritime traffic with the New World. Seville also left almost all the Spanish expeditions of discovery and conquest of the first half of the sixteenth century. The decline of the port began in the seventeenth century, among other factors, due to the increasing difficulty of navigating the Guadalquivir channel due to the increased tonnage of the ships, the defensive improvements of the city of Cádiz, the plague of 1649, the from the head of the fleets in Cádiz in 1680 and in 1717 the transfer of the Casa de la Contratación to that city.