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Pedro María Peña Guest artists: Anabel Valencia y Faiçal Kourrich
PASEO DE LAS DELICIAS Sep. Sat 15 | 19:00 | De 15,00€ a 20,00€ | BUY


Pedro María Peña presents “PASEO DE LAS DELICIAS”, the absolute premiere of his debut as a composer and concert guitarist, which will also be the title of the album that will be made public at the same time as his presentation in concert at the next Bienal de Flamenco of Sevilla.
After almost a lifetime dedicated to the direction – stage, musical, production and record – of various artists and shows with proven solvency, work and artists led them to reap important public and critical successes, Pedro María Peña goes one step further in his artistic career and presents “PASEO DEL LAS DELICIAS”, his first proposal in which he is the protagonist.
The guitar in the life of Pedro María Peña has always played an essential role in all the projects he has undertaken, regardless of the characteristics and the genre that he will play. Proof of this, is that in parallel to all the experiences carried out, Pedro María Peña has been for almost 20 years a regular accompanist guitarist of one of the essential figures in the history of flamenco, his uncle, the cantaor Juan Peña “Lebrijano” , which he also directed in his latest record and show productions.
He learned guitar mainly from the hands of his father and teacher, the versatile Pedro Peña, and a few years after Serafín Arriaza, Professor of Guitar at the Royal Conservatory of Music of Seville where he also studied music theory. He has also been a point disciple of other great masters such as Manolo Sanlúcar, Pedro Bacán or Enrique de Melchor.
Heir to one of the families that have contributed the most to flamenco in all its history, “Los Peñas”, Pedro María Peña is an artist of restless spirit and his innumerable works have been characterized by passion, tenacity and respect for art in general, the most demanding artists and pubs. Maybe that is why I have meditated and worked so much before giving this transcendental personal and professional step.
The musical proposal of Pedro María Peña is, fundamentally, and how could it be otherwise taking into account all the above, the result of a sum of unique qualities, such as being a descendant of who he is, being a tireless passionate of the profession, the wide knowledge that he has been able to acquire from his many and varied experiences, and a very personal way of expressing himself through the guitar with plenty of sensitivity and good taste.
They will accompany him in “PASEO DE LAS DELICIAS” the performance of Anabel Valencia singing and Faiçal Kourrich’s violin as guest artists, plus the choirs-palmas of Sergio Aguilera and Pedrito Peña and the percussions of Tete Peña.

“Paseo de las Delicias”, A mi padre y maestro… (Obertura y Soleá)
“El Mentidero” (Tanguillos)
“Un velón y una manta” (Taranta y Bulerías)
“La Herida” A mi madre… (Seguiriyas)
“Melquíades de Lebrija” A mi tío Juan… (Inspiración y…)
“Camino de Bellaflor” (Tangos)
“Sueños en Olvido” (Bulerías al Golpe)


Pedro María Peña

In the early hours of July 20-21, 1968, while his father, Pedro Peña, played the guitar in the 3rd edition of the Caracolá de Lebrija, his mother, “Doña”, gave birth to him very close to the party .
This is how Pedro María Peña was born, Pedro for his father, and María for his grandmother the cantaora María “La Perrata”. Augury or chance, that night the elements agreed to mark an unequivocal destiny of life, that for many and very diverse concerns that were undertaken in it, would always revolve around that singular event and everything that in itself entails.
From the beginning, Pedro María Peña always navigated around those first sounds that accompanied his birth. He began his youth career as a student at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Seville, training that combined with the learning of the flamenco guitar hand of his father, dedicating few years later to the work of professional guitarist and companion of his uncles Juan Peña “Lebrijano” and Inés Bacán among other first-line... +

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Indicación: The Turina Space is one of the references of the creation and cultural programming in the center of Seville. It occupies a building of long scenic tradition and privileged situation next to the Parasol Metrosol. The building was inaugurated on October 12, 1950. The theater closed in 1987 and was recovered by the El Monte savings bank in 1999, which restored the facilities and used them for the cultural activities of its foundation. In a new stage, the Seville City Council has redefined the space as a cultural container to program shows and training activities in different disciplines. Sala Silvio, for concerts, and Sala Atín Aya, for exhibitions, are added to the Sala Juan de Mairena in a cultural center that is called to host glorious days of scenic arts, music and other cultural proposals.