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Leonor Leal Alfredo Lagos y Antonio Moreno
NOCTURNO Sep. Sun 23 | 23:00 | 25,00€ | BUY

Night. A blow danced, a dance that hits and a guitar that sings.
by Leonor Leal, with Alfredo Lagos and Antonio Moreno
Collaboration in the direction: María Muñoz
Sound space and collaboration in creation: Jean Geoffroy

Before sleeping I close my eyes to see myself dance.
I imagine my movements singing the space that I occupy.
I memorize through sound and I resort to this score.
The rhythm guides me towards the dream of a night full of life,
of ritual, of illusion and of liberating transformation.

This proposal whose objective is part of the extension of my choreographic language, of the exploration of another musical format and of sound and spatial development, focuses on the body; in the bodies, in the rhythm and in the essential guitar. In everything close to us that reminds us of our own heartbeat. The natural materials, their textures, the pots or the table will be our “battle” tools. The guitar “pelá”, the percussion, the primary song, the crawls on the floor, the shoes or the voices that make us call other bodies, come alive on stage to bring, through a common folk, rewritten, traveled and revisited, a flamenco and multifaceted scene. Created to be played and danced at night and full of references to other music and other places, Nocturno is an investigation of two musicians on stage and a bailaora who weave together a path in insomnia, memory and longings. A trip sometimes playful, sometimes, ecstatic or solemn, sometimes painful and only …
Leonor Leal


Leonor Leal: direction, choreography and dance

Alfredo Lagos: guitar

Antonio Moreno: percussions

María Muñoz (Mal Pelo): collaboration in management

Jean Geoffroy: sound space and collaboration in creation

Sound design: Manu Meñaca

Lighting design: Carmen Mori

Costumes: Carme Puig de Vall i Plantés

Production: Leonor Leal and Cisco Casado

Management and contracting: A Negro Producciones (Cisco Casado)

With the collaboration in the creation residences of:

Théâtre Garonne (Toulouse, France)

Creation Center L’animal a l’esquena (Celrà, Spain)


to Pedro G. Romero,

to the entire team of L’animal a l’esquena and Mal Pelo,

to Adela Algarín for her work in the production at the beginning of the project.

Leonor Leal

Restless, curious and somewhat atypical ‘bailaora’ in flamenco. Its versatility allows it to respond to any challenge and adapt to any type of context, keeping in constant evolution.
After a solid formation in Classical and Spanish Dance, he finds in Flamenco the vehicle for his artistic and personal development. After several years as part of flamenco companies such as Antonio “El Pipa”, Andrés Marín, Javier Barón and the Ballet Flamenco de Andalucía directed by Cristina Hoyos, from 2008 onwards she approaches the world of choreographic creation presenting her own shows : “Leoleolé” (2008), “eLe eLe” (2011), “Mosaicos” (2012), “Bitter Orange” (2013) and “Fragile” (2015).
He assiduously also participates in very varied projects, from theater to music of various types (from Flamenco to Baroque, Classical and Contemporary), sharing the creation with other artists. In 2016 he presents the work “JRT”, together with the bailaoras Úrsula López and Tamara López, in which they seek, under the artistic direction of Pedro G. Romero, the flamenco that underlies the painting of Julio Romero de... +

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