Marina Heredia, a voice with Giraldillo

The singer from Granada, daughter of Jaime Heredia ‘El Parrón’, gave a twist in the show that led to the last Flamenco Biennial, facing six different guitarists at the Teatro Lope de Vega, in a performance by the which has been awarded the ‘Giraldillo’ to cante, an award about she speaks to us in this interview for the Biennial website.

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Born in flamenco, singer Marina Heredia decided to play ‘Contra las cuerdas’ at the XIX Biennial, in a concert where she was surrounded by six guitars full of personality, surprising with the appearance of Dorantes. She changed her skin in order to adapt throughout the show to each of the artists who accompanied her. An intimate show that give her an important recognition, the ‘Giraldillo’ to the 2016 Bienal de Flamenco.

How did you live the process of preparing the show ‘Contra las cuerdas’?
It has been almost a year of work, of collection and study on a very definite idea that I had very clear wanted to carry out. I think it was a special day that I lived and enjoyed intensely.

What does it take for you to perform at the Biennial?
It’s one of the most important events in flamenco, which fills me with responsibility but at the same time motivates me.

How do you receive this Giraldillo to singing?
With a lot of personal satisfaction and at the same time tremendous responsibility.

Why did you choose those six guitar players, including Dorantes, to accompany you on this occasion?
Because they are totally different from each other, because they are very representative of each of the times they have lived, and everyone has something that I like and invites me to sing.

What is the next challenge you have in view?
To continue growing without ceasing to be myself