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Rosario La Tremendita La fuerza Sep. Mon 10 | 23:00 | 20,00€ | BUY

The force speaks to us of the combat that we take daily against the laws of a society that imposes its feigned happiness and its materialistic dream. Against a world of “gold and boasting”, against labels, against virtual ties, against laziness that makes us ignore each other, strength is that illusion of tearing down those fictitious walls to look at us once and for all face, body to body, and face the truth. The strength is to breathe when reality overwhelms you, is to surrender when everything is bought, is to risk when only security is worth. The force is a woman who sings not to let the ideas die, an instinct of self-improvement that she carries inside as a last resort against the hatred of cowards.


Artistic direction: Andrés Marín

Musical direction: Rosario La Tremendita, Andrés Marín

Musical production: Rosario La Tremendita, Daniel Suarez, Pablo Martín Jones

Texts: Laurent Berger


Rosario La Tremendita: voice, electric bass, guitar

Daniel Suárez: battery, electronics

Pablo Martín Jones: drums

Rosario La Tremendita

Rosario Guerrero (Triana, 1984), Tremendita. Flamenca by tradition, author by
vocation, artist for love. The jondo is congenital. The restlessness, acquired.
Great-granddaughter of Enriqueta La Pescaera, niece granddaughter of La Gandinga de Triana and daughter of
José El Tremendo, Rosario caught the cante on the fly and was releasing her as a child at parties and clubs. Even then, her goal was to be a cantaora and, above all, a cantaora “de alante”.
Therefore, the known was not enough. He thought it necessary to explore in depth that
expressive matter and expand it. Thus, he researches in cante while doing studies
of solfege and piano. As you grow in knowledge you record your name in the
most important competitions (Nacional de Córdoba, Antonio Mairena, La Unión), and puts
his sense of sincerity in the service of the most outstanding of the dance (Belén Maya, Rocío Molina,
Rafaela Carrasco, Andrés Marín). Singing for dancing was another subject in his
career and passed it with a note.
In 2008, after six years... +

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Calle Crédito nº13 (Casco Antiguo).

Medio: Bus: Line 13 [Stop Calatrava-Alameda de Hércules] y Line 14 [Stop Calatrava-Alameda de Hércules].

Indicación: Alameda Theater Municipal scenic space managed by the Institute of Culture and Arts of Seville (ICAS), which is a reference point for the exhibition of children, youth and family theater. Today represents the only space in Andalusia with programming mainly aimed at children. It is located in a building rehabilitated in the mid-80s by the City of Seville. The ship, former workshops of the Maraver Foundry, was adapted for cultural use in 1987. The industrial building was recovered as a scenic space after a work by the architect Ignacio de la Peña Muñoz. In 1992 and 1996 some reforms were also undertaken. It is a set of four naves (one has disappeared) aligned along Calatrava Street.