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Andrés Peña y Pilar Ogalla LA TOURNÉE Sep. Fri 21 | 23:00 | 25,00€ | BUY

The life is a trip. A tour to taste every step of the way. Life is a dance, always in dance. An immovable and majestic dance that gives place to our way of communicating. Repetition, improvisation, go, return, entry, exit … Everything forms a route in which we return again and again to check that everything is the same and nothing tastes the same way. Each day a trip, each day a scenario and every day the same movements, but never the same. A constant journey full of possibilities. We seek the ability to adapt to any circumstance and thus be able to create opportunities. Life is an art that paints and spins our dreams. The everyday and conservative in contrast to the new and innovative. A tournée of experiences …

“If I could choose, I would live it exactly the same so that nothing would repeat itself.”


Andrés Peña, Pilar Ogalla

Stage Direction: David Coria

Musical Direction: Rafael Rodríguez

Cante: Inma Rivero, Emilio Florido, Miguel Rosendo

Palmas: Roberto Jaén

Lighting Design: Manuel Madueño

Sound Technician: Rafael Ripió

Regidor: Yllart Martínez

Photography: Axel Bizarro

Andrés Peña

He was born in Jerez de la Frontera, in 1976, and began his first dance steps at the age of ten.
It was forged, in the first instance, under the hand of the teacher Angelita Gómez, and later with different and important masters of flamenco dance. He worked as a bailaor and polished his dance in the flamenco tablaos of Seville, Madrid and Barcelona, ​​and was part of different flamenco companies, such as Manuel Morao, La Chunga, Carmen Cortés, with the show “Salomé” and with Eva Hierbabuena in the shows “Eva” and “5 women 5″.
On the other hand, his collaboration with guitarists José Luis Montón and Juan Carlos stands out
Romero, with whom he is currently working. As well as, in the show “Samaruco” by cantaor Duquende and as guest artist with the bailaora Juana Maya. In 2010 he collaborated with the singer Miguel Poveda in the L Cantes de las Minas Festival in the Union, Murcia.
He brings knowledge and participates in different shows that have taken flamenco... +

Pilar Ogalla

She was born in Cádiz in 1971 and took her first dance steps at the age of ten, first under the direction of Professor Concha Baras and, later, in the courses of great masters such as Manolete, Matilde Coral, Cristina Hoyos, Manuela Carrasco, Eva Yerbabuena and Antonio Canales.
He debuted in 1982 at the Gran Teatro Falla in Cádiz with the show Las calles de Cai, composed of the most veteran singers, guitarists and dancers of the land, such as Juan Villar, Adela La Jaqueta, Alfonso de Gaspar, etc.
Later, and until 1987, he will be part of the group Los Niños de la Tertulia Flamenca de la Isla, standing out in some galas along with figures such as Camarón de la Isla and Manuela Carrasco. He also participated in the program of Canal Sur Camino del flamenco and at a gala held before his Majesty Queen Sofía and Infanta Doña Cristina.
In the career of Pilar Ogalla, her performance in France and the Palau San Jordi in Barcelona with... +

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