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María Terremoto LA HUELLA DE MI SENTÍO Sep. Sun 16 | 23:00 | 20,00€ | BUY

María Terremoto faces one of the greatest challenges in her professional career after winning such prestigious awards as the Giraldillo Revelation of Seville’s Bienal de Flamenco, being the youngest artist in history to achieve it, or the Venencia Flamenca de Los Palacios, granted this year, to bring to light what will be his first album, entitled ‘The footprint of my heart’.

After a career full of good reviews, where she is described as ‘The standard of young singing’ by the media, she decides to set a new goal and leave recorded in this first album the cantes that have accompanied her since her childhood.

With this proposal of orthodox cante, he wants to leave a mark on what will be the rudder of his artistic career, making flamenco more traditional, but taking into account the time in which he lives and the current sound of this jondo art. He will surround himself with his usual musicians, as well as count on invaluable collaborations such as the guitars of Diego del Morao and Manuel Parrilla, the piano of Pedro R. Miño and the voice of Esperanza Fernández.

The musical production is in charge of José Acedo (Nominated to the Gramys Latinos for his album ‘Andando’), Pedro R. Miño and Nono Jero, the mix corresponds to Álvaro Mata (Awarded with five Latin Gramys), and the executive production to Hugo Pérez.

The album will be officially presented on September 16 within the framework of the Bienal de Flamenco de Sevilla.


Voice: María Terremoto.

Guitars: Nono Jero and Fernando de La Morena hijo.

Percussion: Ané Carrasco.

Piano: Cristian de Moret.

Choirs: The Mellis.

Palmas: Manuel Valencia and Manuel Cantarote.

Lights: Óscar de Los Reyes.

Sound: Juan Luis Vela.

Production: Hugo Pérez.

Photography: Paco Barroso.

Costumes: Portobello Fashions

Distribution: Enflamenco Producciones.

Guest artist: Pedro El Granaíno

María Terremoto

Since she was in her mother’s belly, María feels flamenco as something that life has inserted into her veins, something innate for her.

Since she was a child, she listened at home to the echoes of the most important Jerez artists of all times who spent their nights in bed sharing experiences with her father Fernando. She has accumulated, in her head and in her retina, those hurricanes of wisdom that came to her every night, and now it is time to give them their own form, without forgetting everything that precedes her.

Since she was a child, she has participated in many flamenco zambombas with her family, in which she unwittingly becomes the absolute protagonist of each performance. At nine years comes an important moment in his life, as it is claimed by his own father, the great Fernando Terremoto, to climb the tables of the flamenco club that bears his name. That day occurs one of the moments that will be remembered forever by all who were there, because without... +

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Calle Crédito nº13 (Casco Antiguo).

Medio: Bus: Line 13 [Stop Calatrava-Alameda de Hércules] y Line 14 [Stop Calatrava-Alameda de Hércules].

Indicación: Alameda Theater Municipal scenic space managed by the Institute of Culture and Arts of Seville (ICAS), which is a reference point for the exhibition of children, youth and family theater. Today represents the only space in Andalusia with programming mainly aimed at children. It is located in a building rehabilitated in the mid-80s by the City of Seville. The ship, former workshops of the Maraver Foundry, was adapted for cultural use in 1987. The industrial building was recovered as a scenic space after a work by the architect Ignacio de la Peña Muñoz. In 1992 and 1996 some reforms were also undertaken. It is a set of four naves (one has disappeared) aligned along Calatrava Street.