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Olga Pericet in this show takes a personal journey through dance that is born of memory, wounds, kisses received, the time that has caressed her as if it were a dream, where the real and the dream merge in a single space -time: its interior.

An artistic journey with a personal language that goes deep into the unknown, starting from the roots, to plant new flowers, creating a universe where the feminine and the masculine, the humor and the dramatic have room for equal parts, giving rise to the encounter with the lights and shadows of the human being. It investigates with ferocity in the images stored in the memory of a strange beauty not always complacent, where the dark pace in calm and spills at times in gushes, to finally find the light.

A gallery of dramatic games where the woman always appears powerful in a miscellany of sculptural images and transformations, where one passes, between the beautiful and the ugly, the joy and the bitterness the seclusion and the lascivious, the sensuality and, the hen and the horse, youth and decrepitude, all framed musically in a future of songs and rhythms that move beating in a flamenco club and its opposite.


Miscelania onírica/ La niña flor con castañuelas/ La mujer con tacones/ La mujer futbolista, la mujer torero, La mujer feliz.

La flor muere y renace en otras tierras. Granaina
Cante Miguel Ortega y guitarra Antonia Jiménez
La fiesta, el rito. Bulerías, tanguillos y tangos
Toda la compañía. Coreografía y baile Jesús Fernández.

La mujer Gallina y el hombre Gallo.
Baile Olga Pericet y Jesús Fernández.
Coreografía Marco Flores. Cante de Miguel Lavi.

La mujer Rosa Podedorosa: Deidad de las flores, la fertilidad, lo sensual. El jardín de la belleza. Alegrías, cantiñas, cuplé, pregón de las flores.
Toda la Compañía. Baile Olga Pericet.

La mujer espina. Fandangos por Solea.
Toda la compañía. Baile Olga Pericet.

El caballo. Zambra
Guitarra Pino Losada.

La mujer de pantalones. Guajira Caval y más.
Toda la compañía. Baile Olga Pericet.

La mujer arrugada: Galería de todas las mujeres que se enfrentan al envejecimiento y eso las rejuvenece. Soleá de Arcas
Guitarra Antonia Jimenez. Baile Olga Pericet.

La mujer luz / Renacimiento de la feminidad.
Milonga letra Gacela del amor desesperado de Federico García Lorca.
Cante y adaptación Miguel Ortega Guitarra Pino Losada.


Stage direction and dramaturgy: Carlota Ferrer

Artistic direction, choreography and dance: Olga Pericet.

Assistance to the direction and choreographic advice: Marco Flores

Musical direction: Olga Pericet and Marco Flores

Musical composition: Antonia Jiménez and Pino Losada

Sound space: Pablo Martín Jones

Cante: Miguel Ortega and Miguel Lavi

Guitar: Antonia Jiménez and Pino Losada

Special collaboration in the dance and palmas: Jesús Fernández

Lighting design: Gloria Montesinos A.a.i.

Sound design: Ángel Olalla

Costume Design: Ana López Cobos

Costume creation: Gabi Besa

Scenography: Silvia de Marta

Graphic design: The beach

Photography: Paco Villalta

Executive production, distribution and management: Ana Carrasco (Peineta Producciones)

Production: Olga Pericet

Olga Pericet

Olga Pericet (1975) is one of the leaders in flamenco dance and Spanish dance of her generation and one of its innovators in recent times. From an absolute technical domain, develops a harmonious and precious style, of enormous plasticity in the scene, which has earned her the MAX Award for the best principal dancer in 2015.

Graduated in Spanish Dance and flamenco in Córdoba. She has studied with masters such as Matilde Coral, Manolo Marín, Maica Moyano and José Granero, among others, and has been a soloist and guest artist of companies such as Rafaela Carrasco, Nuevo Ballet Español, Arrieritos, Miguel Ángel Berna, Teresa Nieto, Belén Maya and Ballet Nacional de España. Share stage with Ana Laguna, Nacho Duato, Enrique Morente among great figures of music and dance.

In 2004, she premiered as the choreographer and soloist the show “Bolero, letter of love and indifference”, and a year later, together with Manuel Liñán, she created the show “Cámara negra”, that same year she created a company together with Marco Flores and Daniel... +

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