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Compañía de Israel Galván con Pastora Galván LA EDAD DE ORO Sep. Wed 19 | 20:30 | De 10,00€ a 30,00€ | BUY

Eighteen years already, three hundred performances, since the premiere of The Golden Age. An open title, yes. On the one hand it referred to the golden age of flamenco, and of any art we should say, the golden time. But also, because of the singularity of Israel Galván at that time, a heterodox one, referred to the famous film by Luis Buñuel and his intentions to make protagonists of the worms that devoured the big apple of flamenco.
But now, well, another turn of the screw, the sister of Israel, Pastora Galván, endorses the basic scheme of the piece and the waists begin to writhe, the arms more arboreal. On this occasion he will be accompanied by Miguel Ortega and guitar, by Juan Requena, from Malaga.
I think the important thing about The Golden Age has been its laboratory condition. Throughout these years Israel Galván has changed the show a lot, if such a name, show, is not always excessive when we speak of true dance, more tact than vision, more dedicated to the hands than to the eyes. In that sense it is also interesting to see how Israel Galván experiences in another body, the body of a woman, of her sister. I do not know if you ever saw Eduarda de los Reyes dancing. We saw her appear in Athens and in Kassel from the very dance of Israel Galván and yes, much of that transvestite, is now taken up by the body of Pastora, Pastora Galván.
Pedro G. Romero



Artistic Direction: Pedro G. Romero [Machine P.H.]

Direction and Choreography: Israel Galván

Assistant Address: Balbi Parra

Choreographic material: Israel Galván, Marco de Ana

Direction essays, repeater: Marco de Ana

Dance: Pastora Galván

Cante: Miguel Ortega

Guitar: Juan Requena


Technical Management: Pablo Pujol

Sound design: Pedro León

Sound technician: Ángel Olalla

Design and technical lights: Rubén Camacho

Costumes Pastora Galván: Justo Salado

Production: Israel Galván Company

Pilar López, Zenaida Collantes

Compañía de Israel Galván con Pastora Galván
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Avenida de María Luisa, s/n.

Medio: Trolley car

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Indicación: c1 y c2 stop Avda. María Luisa c3 y c4 stop c/ Palos de la Frontera 21, 22, 25, 26, 28, 29, 30, 31, 34, 37, 38 parada Prado S. Sebastián