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Segundo Falcón y Paco Jarana La Bienal va a la provincia. La Savia, Provincia y Cante. Collaborations / Flamenco is everywhere Sep. Thu 29 | Más información | BUY

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Segundo Falcón

For the extension of his repertoire and for his knowledge of flamenco, Segundo Falcón (El Viso del Alcor, Seville) is recognized as one of the most complete cantaores of his generation. His career has been marked by numerous and valuable prizes. But above all, they distinguish a very flamenco humility and a capacity for work, very creative, absolutely exceptional.

Formed as a singer back, for the dance, he has accompanied in diverse shows a huge dancer. Among others, Cristina Hoyos, Eva Yerbabuena, Mario Maya, María Pagés, Manolo Soler, Manuela Carrasco, Israel Galván, Javier Barón or Adrián Galia, Andrés Marín, Antonio Canales or Sara Baras, as well as the contemporary dancer Pina Bausch.

His interest in other genres related to flamenco led him in 2004 to create and produce the show Tierra de Nadie, with the intervention of the Orquesta Chekara de Tetuán, the Orquesta Madueño de Cuzco, Peru, and the Maharahá Orchestra of Rajasthan, with which He won two Giraldillos at the Bienal Flamenca de Sevilla 2004, where it was premiered.

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Paco Jarana

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