La Bienal introduces its XIX edition’s sponsors

On its presentation at City Hall, there were announced some of the Parallel Activities, under the name of “flamenco is everywhere”.

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La Bienal de Flamenco de Sevilla will celebrate from September 8th until October 2nd its XIX edition, a new one that, with the help of its private sponsors, Fundación Cajasol, Fundación Sevillana Endesa, Cajasur, Fundación Cruzcampo and ABC, besides public institutions such as Junta de Andalucía, Ministerio de Cultura and Diputación de Sevilla, and a lot of different collaborators, aims to make “flamenco to be everywhere” around the city. Sevillians, aficionados and tourists, will live flamenco from dawn until dusk, melting art and cultural heritage.

Its Official Programme already proposes 80 rendez-vous from 70 different shows in 24 days, but there will also be a massive programme of Parallel Activities that will reach every neighborhood of our city and touch every type of aficionado, no matter their age, citizenship or condition. This programme, born under the claim of “flamenco is everywhere”, will propose, for example, to enjoy the Melquiades and Carmen music machines, that play flamenco rhythms, before each show hosted by Teatro de la Maestranza, Teatro Central, Casino de la Exposición and Espacio Santa Clara.

With the idea of flamenco surprising people on the streets of Seville, on September 8th, the day before the Opening Gala, there will be a lot of different activities, such as the Literary Proclamation, starred by poet and writer Antonio Hernández, or the Call for la Bienal, with more details to be announced soon; but also around the world, with the 2016 #flashmobflamenco, with Farruquito’s choreography to be danced in Spain, of course, but also, at the same time, at several countries such as Venezuela, Mexico, Kazajstan, Argentina, Japan, Turkey, Poland, Chile, Russia, Peru, Slovenia or South Corea, to name such a few of them.

The Street Programme has the intention of expand la Bienal throughout its different neighborhoods, spreading flamenco all over districts such as Casco Antiguo, Nervión, San Pablo, Sur or Triana, and also iconic flamenco quartiers such as la Alameda, El Tardón, La Barzola or Las Letanías; with 17 different scenic proposals hosted by places where aficionados can be surprised by flamenco artists that can come out unexpectedly.

Also, this XIX Bienal will be an inclusive edition. So, with the collaboration of City Hall’s Delegación de Bienestar Social, the Virgen de los Reyes shelter will host inclusive ‘baile’ workshops for people with intelectual, physical or sensorial disabilities. With the aim of promoting and getting visibility for their abilities, there will be four formative sessions for each of the eight groups, depending on their needs. Each of the groups will organize a play for the final show, that will also be opened for the public. La Bienal will also promote the family conciliation with the workshops-playcentres for the weekend programme at Teatro Lope de Vega and Teatro de la Maestranza.

La Bienal will become the place for thinking of and speaking about flamenco, both for aficionados and professionals, hosting a lot of different formative activities, such as the already announced I International Congress about Flamenco and Communication: Radio on September 13, 14, 15 and 16th, a project born out of the collaboration between la Bienal, Universidad de Sevilla and Universidad de Cádiz, with the collaboration of Instituto Andaluz del Flamenco. Also focused on the proffesional sector, to whom la Bienal wants to serve as platform, is the Inverse Commercial Flamenco Mission, organized by Extenda, Junta de Andalucía’s Agencia Andaluza de Promoción Exterior, with the intention of helping Andalusian entrepreneurs to internationalize their projects. In collaboration also with Instituto Andaluz de Flamenco and Agencia Andaluza de Instituciones Culturales, this initiative is targeted to Andalusian flamenco entreprises and will count with the presence of international directors, curators and institutions. Also for the performing arts proffesionals specialized on flamenco, Espacio Santa Clara will host, in collaboration with Academia de las Artes Escénicas, ‘Los Lunes en la Academia’, a series of speakings about lights, atrezzo and scenography for a flamenco show. Designer Yaiza Pinillos will also direct FEW (Flamenco Esencial Workshop), in collaboration with UNIA, a workshop about wardrobe that will also be hosted by Espacio Santa Clara, September from 12 to 17th., with a final performance on 25th given by bailaora Olga Pericet.

There will be room for flamenco films too, with the ‘Matilde Coral. Acariciando el Aire’ (Sarao films) and ‘Alalá’ (Remedios Malvárez) premieres; exhibitions, with ‘Objetivo Flamenco’, hosted by Espacio Santa Clara and Casino de la Exposición with the collaboration of Asociación de Fotógrafos de Sevilla, and other important rendez-vous such as the presentations of other important festivals, meetings and shows, initiatives that link ’arte jondo’ and food and much more, making flamenco to be everywhere around the city.

Finally, la Bienal wants to promote public transportation, with the idea that maybe a flamenco figure can be using the TUSSAM or Metrocentro’s services, thanks to a campaign that will turn public transportation into protagonist, and a instruments recycling workshop for the younger aficionados, in collaboration with LIPASAM.