La Bienal lights up Seville

Everything began in 1980, when the final days of summer and the first days of autumn grouped what the city, its towns and the Andalusian lands had been sowing and gathering for centuries in the fields of cante, toque and baile.

Estebáñez Calderón intuition was then carried out in that triana party where he took Guy Stéphen and his friends to listen to the romances of the Planet, to the gleaning of the coplas that Demófilo carried out in the “chair” of Silverio, to the dream that in 1922, Manuel de Falla and Federico G. Lorca had the efforts made to found, in previous decades, clubs and festivals.

The Flamenco Biennial arrives again, now in its XX edition. It shines in all the stages, in the streets and squares, to the sound that its artists highlight in all its disciplines, to the beat of all its sticks, in the jar of the essences of its classic knowledge and in the unpainted canvas of its imagination.

As every two years, the Biennial will brighten the wisdom of all those who contributed to create the current heritage and will give wings to the geniuses of today so they can fly very high.

On September 6, the flamenco flame will ignite in the city and the city will illuminate the whole world with its light. On September 6 the Biennial lights Seville.

The full “La Bienal Enciende Sevilla” schedule is available here.