Isabel Bayón and Israel Galván show the creative process of “Dju-Dju”

Both Spanish Dance Awarded artists offer an open rehearsal of a show that aims to “finish all their fears” during la Bienal.

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Spanish National Dance Award artists Isabel Bayón and Israel Galván offered an open rehearsal of their ‘Dju-Dju’ show, with the participation of ‘bailaoras’ Alicia Márquez and Nieves Casablanca, musician Alejandro Rojas- Marcos, City Hall’s General Director of Cultures Isabel Ojeda, la Bienal de Flamenco’s Director Cristóbal Ortega and artist Pedro G. Romero. They showcased the creation process of a show created to be premiered during la Bienal, on September 26th hosted by Teatro de la Maestranza.

In fact, the artists stated that the creation process is as important as the final show in itself, being that process part of the common career and experience of two ‘bailaores’ such as Bayón and Galván; in this case the one dancing and the latter directing. They are working on their fears, superstitions and fixations to create “a very human piece, that breaks with the most academic form of ‘baile’, adding external elements that will transform the genre, transforming our gestures and sickening the artistic expression, in order to create something new and interesting”. For Bayón, to face her fears is making her go beyond, artistically, “for the public to see a very different Isabel Bayón, but still the same as I always have been”.

For Pedro G. Romero, Israel Galván’s Assistant Director, they are “developing a biographic journey to the origins of their fears, creating a horror show that produces movement instead of paralysis”. Isabel contacted Israel after their work on “Lo Real”, “starting from some choreographies that were taken apart on that show”. For them, there is “magic” when Isabel, Alicia Márquez and Nieves Casablanca, Dju-Dju’s three performers, start to dance together. “They are three fairies, childhood friends and accomplices, so they communicate without speaking; their connection is so powerful and natural”, added Galván.

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