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Argentina HÁBITAT Sep. Mon 10 | 21:30 | 30,00€ | BUY

Argentina in full freedom, we find it in its total state
of commitment to flamenco art, Argentina in its essence. Suffers a
transformation on stage, for what has come to the world. A natural habitat
that she constantly seeks because it is what feeds her existence. He
color, air and strength of Seville are combined in the singer of the same
way, the result is emotions. The pillars of the buildings of the
Seville’s monuments are as important in this city as the pillar of
direct in the race of Argentina. The live for Argentina is the reason
of his life, his way of communicating, of expressing, of relating to the world
as naked as it came to him. Argentina puts itself in front of its ship
in each direct opportunity so that the winds that she causes
guide the roads where you feel free, where you feel artist and where
she feels cantaora. Substitutes that use the word #Flamenco are not valid.
That’s what other denominations are for.

Antonio Moral, Director of the National Center for National Broadcasting (CNDM), made these statements after the concert in Argentina at the National Auditorium in Madrid in February 2017:

“Last night Argentina offered a memorable concert at the National Auditorium, and the singer, with an admirable vocal maturity, managed to get her audience into the boat from” minute one “until she went crazy with” María de las Mercedes “. He installed the generalized madness in a room full of an audience that had put the “no tickets” sign in September of last year, with artists like this, Flamenco becomes a unique and universal genre “.


Argentina, voice

José Quevedo “Bolita”, guitarist

Eugenio Iglesias, guitarist

Jesús Guerrero, guitarist

Torombo, palms y jaleos

The Mellis, choruses, palmas and jaleos

José Carrasco, palms and jaleos


Argentina, generation 84, native of Huelva. Cantaora, of the greatest figures of contemporary flamenco. A contribution to flamenco in each surprising album. From the very personal and fresh, innovative tradition, it makes his live shows unforgettable, fast-paced, profound, open to the public, educational, very emotional from the first minute. A unique experience to see it live. Two nominations consecutive to the Latin Grammy in 2013 and 2015. New album The life of the artist published on May 12, 2017. Puts value on artistic creation from all sides. They collaborate in lyrics among others Benjamín Prado, Alberto Manzano, Juan Diego (Actor). Great musicians Produced musically by José Quevedo and edited by Sony Music and Lp Flamenco.

Real Alcázar + info and programming
how to arrive:


Plaza del Triunfo, s/n. Sevilla

Medio: Tranvía

Indicación: T1 stop Archivo de Indias Medio:

Indicación: c5 stop García de Vinuesa (Avda. Constitución) / c3 stop Palos de la Frontera / c4 stop Paseo Colón (Edificio Cristina) Medio:

Indicación: L1 parada Puerta de Jerez