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Antonio Rey y Diego del Morao GUITARRAS DE JEREZ Sep. Sun 23 | 20:30 | De 10,00€ a 30,00€ | BUY

Flamenco is a process of alchemy in which any element can be transformed into something precious and in which artistic horizons move eternally between tradition and innovation. The spirit of Jerez is an amalgam of strings, voice and movement, a sip of the glass of the flamenco elixir.

Like a gigantic vine that emerged from the depths of a fertile and fertile land, the goblin spread throughout history, clinging to its enclaves and endowing every nook and cranny corner. Genealogical clusters come from this vineyard, in whose fruit we find the old flavor and archaic aroma, unmistakable of the art with denomination of origin. Genetic modification is not yet practiced here. Here flamenco is still cultivated with organic methods.

Tonight we will taste the best of the harvest, to the sound of compadres Diego del Morao and Antonio Rey. Let’s drink from the same chalice of vital essence. The rancid and at the same time sweet essence of the Jerez guitars.

Débora Garber



Diego del Morao: guitar

Fernando Carrasco: second Guitar

Ané Carrasco: percussion


Antonio Rey: guitar

Ané Carrasco: percussion

Antonio Rey

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Diego del Morao

Teatro Lope de Vega + info and programming
how to arrive:


Avenida de María Luisa, s/n.

Medio: Trolley car

Indicación: T1 stop Prado S. Sebastián Medio:

Indicación: L1 stop Prado S. Sebastián Medio:

Indicación: c1 y c2 stop Avda. María Luisa c3 y c4 stop c/ Palos de la Frontera 21, 22, 25, 26, 28, 29, 30, 31, 34, 37, 38 parada Prado S. Sebastián