Giraldillo to a life dedicated to dance

Bailaor and classical choreographer, Rubén Olmo took on the challenge of directing the show ‘Bailando un vida’ in homage to the Sevillian dance school, on the scene of the Theater of the Maestranza. An unforgettable experience, recognized with the Giraldillo ‘Ciudad de Sevilla’.

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Rubén Olmo, the great ambassador of Spanish dance nowadays, devoted himself the last XIX Bienal de Flamenco to the show ‘Bailando una vida’ (‘Dancing a lifetime’), directing four geniuses from the Sevillian dance such as Milagros Menjíbar, José Galván, Ana María Bueno and Manolo Marín. The performance received the Giraldillo ‘City of Seville’, recognition of which speaks its director in this exclusive interview for the Biennial website.

How have you lived the process of preparing the show ‘Bailando una vida’ (‘Dancing a lifetime’)?
I have lived it very intensely, because I was with the dance masters of the city of Seville, who have lived the “golden age” of flamenco and they needed special affection and understanding because of their age and, especially, a lot of confidence. I wanted them going to the Maestranza Theatre with the best, feeling what they represent and worrying only about dancing, as they have always done.

What does it mean for you to direct this show at the Biennial?
For me it has been a challenge, not only for the masters of the dance, but for the space – the Maestranza Theatre – and the context – the Biennial of Flamenco – where after so much time they were on stage. It was a personal challenge because I wanted them to be within their styles and ways of dancing, but within a up-to-date language. There I had a great stage work to develop, so that not only did their dancing without losing their essence, but also that they were placed within the contemporary style of flamenco.

How do you feel, along with the dancers, this Giraldillo ‘City of Seville’ of the Biennial?
With great enthusiasm and joy, not only for my work, which has been very intense, but for themselves, because it is a way of recognizing that the Seville dance and those forms are there, they remain in force, they follow their line and they don’t need to change them, but adapt them to the present. When we received the news of the Giraldillo, I sincerely regretted it very much for them and sincerely, I did not expect less of the commission of the Biennial.

Rubén Olmo 09

What is the next challenge or project that you are developing or have in view?
Within my next projects I highlight the challenge of directing and dancing a show for the Teatro Real. A project of Universal, with great dancers and cantaores (singers) that we will can see soon in the Teatro Real of Madrid.