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José de la Tomasa, Manolo Franco, Orquesta Barroca de Sevilla y Dirección artística: Andreas Prittwitz “Flamenco Sacro” Sep. Fri 18 | 25€ | BUY

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José de la Tomasa

National Award of the Chair of Flamencology of Jerez ‘2012.
José is considered in the flamenco environment and critics as one of the greatest cantaores of the moment, being an essential figure in the flamenco festivals of Andalusia and in quality shows.
José Georgio Soto was born in Seville. Belonging to one of the great families of the Cante, of Jerezan lineage, grandson of Pepe Torre, nephew of Manuel Torre, son of Tomasa Soto and Manuel Giorgio ‘Pies de Plomo’, he did not have to leave his house to feel always transited by the jondo, full-bodied singer, who does not mystify, who does not deceive, who always takes into account before anything else, before his own personal success, the ethics of cante José de la Tomasa makes clear in all his work An unmistakable desire for perfection, from a very young age, it was already considered as one of those values ​​that will always give the most, and such expectations have never been disappointed.Cantaba as a family, encouraged by the... +

Manolo Franco

Little given to prominence, the personality of Manolo Franco prefers the security of the rearguard, from where he has exalted his touch to the greatest of cante. That’s why his guitar lavishes accompanying. It is difficult, very difficult, to see it, however, to offer a solo guitar recital. And that was the first tocaor to get a Giraldillo in the Biennial of 1984. And that, which has recorded a work -Aljibe- that will remain as a delicate jewel for the remains. Classicist touch with Sevillian aroma that make it completely unique. So things, this recital is presented as a great opportunity to enjoy this discreet hero.

Orquesta Barroca de Sevilla

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Dirección artística: Andreas Prittwitz

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Real Alcázar + info and programming
how to arrive:


Plaza del Triunfo, s/n. Sevilla

Medio: Tranvía

Indicación: T1 stop Archivo de Indias Medio:

Indicación: c5 stop García de Vinuesa (Avda. Constitución) / c3 stop Palos de la Frontera / c4 stop Paseo Colón (Edificio Cristina) Medio:

Indicación: L1 parada Puerta de Jerez