Factoría Cultural

Calle Luis Ortiz Muñoz, corner with calle Arquitecto José Galnares (Polígono Sur).

how to arrive: Bus: Line 31 [Cultural Factory Stop]. By car: access from Avenida de la Paz and Crtra. Su Eminencia. It has secure parking.

Indicación:Opened on January 24, 2018, it is a new equipment for the city of Seville located in the Southern District. Factoría Cultural is a living space of artistic creation, which allows to accommodate the cultural initiatives generated in the neighborhood, but also artists from all backgrounds, while bringing to the neighbors of the South Polygon a part of the cultural programming that is shared throughout the year in the city. This building consists of 3,300 square meters divided into three floors that have space for multiple uses, such as workshops, music and dance classrooms, multi-purpose and multimedia rooms, exhibition areas and a large auditorium. Developed on a plot of 2,172 meters, it is the work of the Valencian studio Primo & Trullenque, winner of the ideas contest.