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3.000... DeSCencias DE LA MANO DE… STUDIO 41013 Sep. Sat 29 | Entrada gratuita (aforo limitado) | RESERVAR

Under the stereotypical shadows that fly over the South Polygon, flamenco stands as a vehicle for transformation and social dynamisation, as well as a generational link between Roma families. In its streets a legacy that has made possible the vernacular survival of the classic forms of this art, arrived at the neighborhood with the exodus produced decades ago from places like the low houses of the South Polygon, the neighbors pens of Triana or Las Corchuelas, is kept alive. , and that have given rise to innovative music but respectful of its roots and its essence. The association for the promotion of flamenco “Studio 41013″ brings to the stage this urban reality to make known the importance of the South Polygon as a quarry and flamenco point of reference, through a show that is the result of a complex social and cultural project in pursuit of the dignity of the neighborhood and its inhabitants. A fight that is summarized in “3,000 … DeSCencias”, the motto born of the transgressive graphic and semantic union of two words that define perfectly the character of the South Polygon, whose essences and decencies are finally put on the table, without filters or complexes, to respond with forcefulness to the cultural appropriation of which the original artistic forms of this Sevillian enclave have been object. Because, in the words of its creators, “here we are, how we are” and rebellion is part of that reality.


An idea of: “Studio 41013″

General coordination: Emilio Vizárraga Trigueros

Creative Team:

Melchor Pisa Borja

Melchor Borja Santiago

Antonio Ortega

Screenplay: Antonio Ortega

Social stimulators:

Juan Antonio Vizárraga Trigueros

Joshua Pisa Sanchez

Artistic cast: process in development. Given the peculiarities of the project, the cast of the show will not be established until the end of the casting phase.

3.000… DeSCencias

Dancer and choreographer. Granada 1984.
Fuensanta “La Moneta” is the case of an artist with an early vocation. His desire for flamenco dancing wakes him up in childhood. Such is her dedication to the dance and her innate conditions, that being still a girl, she is disputed by the most famous zambras of Sacromonte and tablaos from Granada. At this stage it is required to perform in galas organized by radio and TV channels. obtaining some important awards.
La Moneta combines his studies, with work in the zambras and tablaos to pay for his dance training in courses with the best teachers: Javier Latorre, Mario Maya, Carmen Cortes, Juan Andres Maya, Juana Amaya, Matilde Coral, Israel Galván and others.

When she danced for the first time in Madrid – at the age of 16 – in the Sala Suristan, how many fans and critics saw her, they came to the conclusion that they were contemplating someone who had all the qualities to be a flamenco dance figure. On the occasion of... +

Factoría Cultural + info and programming
how to arrive:


Calle Luis Ortiz Muñoz, corner with calle Arquitecto José Galnares (Polígono Sur).

Medio: Bus: Line 31 [Cultural Factory Stop]. By car: access from Avenida de la Paz and Crtra. Su Eminencia. It has secure parking.

Indicación: Opened on January 24, 2018, it is a new equipment for the city of Seville located in the Southern District. Factoría Cultural is a living space of artistic creation, which allows to accommodate the cultural initiatives generated in the neighborhood, but also artists from all backgrounds, while bringing to the neighbors of the South Polygon a part of the cultural programming that is shared throughout the year in the city. This building consists of 3,300 square meters divided into three floors that have space for multiple uses, such as workshops, music and dance classrooms, multi-purpose and multimedia rooms, exhibition areas and a large auditorium. Developed on a plot of 2,172 meters, it is the work of the Valencian studio Primo & Trullenque, winner of the ideas contest.