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Álvaro Martinete DE LA MANO DE… GERARDO NÚÑEZ Sep. Sat 22 | Entrada gratuita (aforo limitado) | RESERVAR

In its XX edition, the Biennial also expands to new points such as Factoría Cultural, a scenic space located in the Polígono Sur and where flamenco is lived naturally. Precisely in this space will develop the cycle “Of the Hand of …”, one of the novelties of this year, a proposal that pursues the discovery of new artists sponsored by figures of the stature of the singer José Valencia, the dancer Farruquito or guitarist Gerardo Núñez, who brings Alvaro Martinete on this evening:

“With Seis Veredas, I wanted to reflect my point of view of the guitar, I recorded a solo guitar disc with its own songs, only accompanied by an electric bass in a song, percussion and clapping, I think that nowadays they are no longer made guitar discs like those of before, in which only guitars and claps were heard.Today guitar discs bring many musical arrangements and the concept of guitar disc has been lost a bit.Six paths are the six strings of the guitar. guitar, the six years with which I took a guitar for the first time, are also the paths that we find in Granada to climb the Sierra Nevada, the Camino del Monte, the Alpujarra, etc. places to which the names of some themes of my album. ”


Granaina “Huerta de las flores”
Tangos “Camino del monte”
Rondeña “Customs Street”
Alegrías “Salinera”
Taranta “Search”
Zapateado “Trashumancia”
Soleá “Neveros”
Bulerías “Fuente agria”


Guitar: Álvaro Martinete

Percussion: Antonio Gómez

Álvaro Martinete

Álvaro Martinete, born on 12/4/1995 in Granada, began his flamenco enthusiasm at an early age and with the instrument of the guitar at the age of six. Giving classes with Rafael Soler, at age eight he attended the guitar course taught by Manolo Sanlúcar in Córdoba, followed in Granada with the maestro Miguel Ochando and at the same time at the Ángel Barrios music conservatory. After eleven he began to have his first steps in clubs and festivals, he debuted as a soloist at the age of eleven in the peña de la plata, and at thirteen he won the first prize for accompaniment to cante in the Diezma competition. At fourteen he rode with his teacher Ochando a show with two guitars titled (between generations) being premiered in the Aula Magna of the UGR. At fifteen he put together a flamenco painting entitled (flamenco to come) presented at the provincial programming circuit Diputación de Granada. He has collaborated in the recording of several flamenco discs in Granada, and composed... +

Factoría Cultural + info and programming
how to arrive:


Calle Luis Ortiz Muñoz, corner with calle Arquitecto José Galnares (Polígono Sur).

Medio: Bus: Line 31 [Cultural Factory Stop]. By car: access from Avenida de la Paz and Crtra. Su Eminencia. It has secure parking.

Indicación: Opened on January 24, 2018, it is a new equipment for the city of Seville located in the Southern District. Factoría Cultural is a living space of artistic creation, which allows to accommodate the cultural initiatives generated in the neighborhood, but also artists from all backgrounds, while bringing to the neighbors of the South Polygon a part of the cultural programming that is shared throughout the year in the city. This building consists of 3,300 square meters divided into three floors that have space for multiple uses, such as workshops, music and dance classrooms, multi-purpose and multimedia rooms, exhibition areas and a large auditorium. Developed on a plot of 2,172 meters, it is the work of the Valencian studio Primo & Trullenque, winner of the ideas contest.