Flamenco, protagonist on the Nights of Seville

These shows, hosted by Centro Cerámica Santa Ana, are scheduled from May 8th to June 26th.

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The programme curated by ICAS and entitled Noches de Sevilla offers this year some flamenco dates. The Noches Flamencas de Sevilla series of shows is composed by eight different rendez-vous hosted by Centro Cerámica Santa Ana, a venue, full of history, ‘rescued’ in the neighborhood of Triana. Noches Flamencas de Sevilla counts with the collaboration of la Bienal de Flamenco.

All friday nights from May 8th to June 26th at the same time, 22h., there will be flamenco shows given by artists such as La Canea (May 8th, on the picture above), La Sentío (May 15th), David “El Galli” (May 22nd), José Acedo (May 29th), Herminia Borja (June 5th), Manuel de la Luz (June 12th), Chekara (June 19th) and María Moreno (June 26th). The programme offers different flamenco styles, expressions and line-ups and is well known as one of the most interesting cultural rendez-vous curated by ICAS all over the year, attending to the highest musical quality criteria.

The tickets for these Flamenco Nights have a unique price of 12 euros and can be purchased at the offices of Lope de Vega Theater, on its regular schedule, and also online through the website www.generaltickets.com. Also, tickets will be sold at the venue, one hour before the show starts, if it’s not previously sold-out.