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Rafael Rodríguez DEJÁNDOME LLEVAR Sep. Thu 20 | 19:00 | De 15,00€ a 30,00€ | BUY

“Leaving me to carry”,
(two words that define me in my life)

We all know that each of the three aspects of the flamenco guitar requires many years of dedication and experience. With humility and respect for the concert guitar I will play for seguiriya, malagueñas, farruca, guajiras, zambra and a couple of composed songs for this occasion that transport me and remind me of another time of my life. For these themes I will have the honor of being accompanied by four great musicians, among whom I have the pleasure and pride that my daughter Isa Rodríguez is. I will put my heart on each note and try to improvise also because this is my way of understanding flamenco. I hope to know or be able to transmit with my guitar to people who come to see me and listen to me.

I thank Cristóbal Ortega and Antonio Zoido for their proposal and their commitment that after 37 years playing for dance and for singing, give me the opportunity to present myself alone.


Malagueña “Serranía”
Seguiriya “Tu luz”
Farruca “Crisálida”
Guajiras “Malecón”
Zambra “A mis padres”
La cara verde
Taberna Pilatos


Guitar: Rafael Rodríguez

Bass: José Manuel Posada “Popo”

Saxo: Gautama del Campo

Violin: Vladimir Dmitrienco

Battery: Isa Rodríguez

Sound: Fali Pipió

Lights: Antonio Valiente

Rafael Rodríguez

Born in Seville, 1957. At the age of 13 he started playing the guitar. His teacher, Andrés Vázquez, guitarist of the Escuela de Niño Ricardo, enjoyed him for a few months due to his incorporation into a printing press. However, he played with his friends in a great diversity of musical genres, such as Jimi Hendrix, Deep Purple, among others, since in his family origins there was no reference to flamenco.

He took advantage every time he could in his spare time to play the guitar. He has always liked playing what Andrés Vázquez taught him about Niño Ricardo since he was an artist who liked him a lot.

In 1982, he founded a guitar academy in his own home. Three years later he starts to be part of Mario Maya’s company. Rafael feels a total pride in “going from teaching” to meeting one of the greatest.

The first time he got on stage was with this teacher in Alcalá de Henares and later he spent some time working at the Manolo Marín... +

Espacio Turina + info and programming
how to arrive:


Calle Laraña nº4 (Casco Antiguo).

Medio: Bus: Line 13 [Stop Plaza del Duque], Line 14 [Stop Plaza del Duque], Line 27 [Stop Campana-Sierpes] and Line 32 [Stop Campana-Sierpes].

Indicación: The Turina Space is one of the references of the creation and cultural programming in the center of Seville. It occupies a building of long scenic tradition and privileged situation next to the Parasol Metrosol. The building was inaugurated on October 12, 1950. The theater closed in 1987 and was recovered by the El Monte savings bank in 1999, which restored the facilities and used them for the cultural activities of its foundation. In a new stage, the Seville City Council has redefined the space as a cultural container to program shows and training activities in different disciplines. Sala Silvio, for concerts, and Sala Atín Aya, for exhibitions, are added to the Sala Juan de Mairena in a cultural center that is called to host glorious days of scenic arts, music and other cultural proposals.