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COMPAÑÍA EVA YERBABUENA CUENTOS DE ÁZUCAR Sep. Sat 29 | 20:30 | De 22,00€ a 40,00€ | BUY


1. Kenmun me dijo… (Taranta)
2. Nana de Amami
3. Madre, tierra y caña (Caña)
4. Okuribuchi (Farewell to man)
5. Carta agénera (Cartagenera)
6. Kaosumen (Step to two)
7. El pulso de la luna y el pez (Percussion)
8. Tidanu
9. Yanbarú-Yalililiyá (Tangos)
10. Suspiro del…(Malagueña-Granainas)
11. A Tío Hatsu (Joy)


Direction, conception and choreography: Eva Yerbabuena

Musical direction and guitar: Paco Jarana

Special collaboration: Anna Sato

Musical interpretation: Alfredo Tejada, Miguel Ortega (cante), Antonio Coronel (drums and cajón), Kaoru Watanabe (taiko), Rafael Heredia (cajón y congas)

Dance: Fernando Jiménez

Singing flamenco lyrics: Popular

Japanese Singing Lyrics: Popular from Amami

Guest choreographer (Paso a dos): Mario Bermúdez Gil (Marcat Dance)

Design of the set design:

Lighting design: Fernando Martín

Clothing design and making: López de Santos

Tinting and painting of fabrics: María Calderón

Technical coordination and sound: Ángel Olalla

Tailoring: Gabriel Portillo

Registered: Daniel Estrada

Photography: Erregiro Photography

Graphic design: Javier Vázquez

Footwear: Begoña Cervera

Tour manager: Tany Biggie

Audiovisual: Fernando Brea

Communication: Cultproject

Production: Company Eva Hierbabuena S.L, Hisashi Hitoh

In collaboration with Bienal de Flamenco de Sevilla, International Music and Dance Festival of Granada Acción Cultural Española Andalusian Agency of Cultural Institutions and the National Institute of Performing Arts and Music (INAEM) of the Ministry of Culture.



Between 1959 and 1973, there is a phenomenon that will mark a generation of Spaniards: emigration. 15 years, in which about one hundred thousand people on average left the country. Among them are two Grenadians from Ogijares, who live in Frankfurt, Germany and who in the summer of 1970 have a daughter who with only 17 days, the situation forces to be taken to the village to be raised by the paternal grandparents. That girl is Eva María Garrido, today Eva Yerbabuena, and those grandparents were Encarna and Luis. And there grows the girl who one day would cross with flamenco.

No historian will say that it is coincidence, that two of the wisest Roman emperors, Trajan and Adriano, were born in the south of Andalusia, the same land that saw Seneca born. But the “South” already has important neolithic necropolises and megaliths, the Iberian settlements that will leave, the impressive Dama de Baza, with its black hair and its two lateral waves, Seneca, Maimonides, Averroes, peaks of classical, Islamic and... +

Teatro de la Maestranza + info and programming
how to arrive:


Paseo de Cristóbal Colón, 22 (Casco Antiguo).

Medio: Bus: Line 3 [Stop Paseo Colón-Teatro de la Maestranza], Line 21 [Stop Paseo Colón-Teatro de la Maestranza], Line C4 [Stop Paseo Colón-Teatro de la Maestranza], Line 40 [Stop Paseo Colón-Teatro de La Maestranza], Line 41 [Stop Paseo Colón-Teatro de la Maestranza] and Line C5 [Stop Paseo Colón-Teatro de la Maestranza].

Indicación: It is the work of the architects Aurelio del Pozo and Luis Marín. It was inaugurated in 1991. The main hall has a cylindrical shape with a capacity for 1800 spectators. It is distributed in stalls, two terraces, a balcony and paradise. In the year 2007 a reform was made that doubled the size of the stage, which went from 800 square meters to 1600. Thanks to its variable acoustics, different shows can be performed, from operas to classical concerts and recitals, including flamenco, ballet and zarzuelas. In addition to the main hall, the complex contains experimental theater rooms, exhibitions, conferences and a cultural research center. Of particular note is the Manuel García room, in which chamber operas and small format are represented. Likewise, the Teatro de la Maestranza is the headquarters of the Royal Symphony Orchestra of Seville (ROSS), which not only regularly participates in opera performances, but also has an intense concert season throughout the season. In the 2007 reform, an exclusive testing room was incorporated for ROSS.