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Compañía de Joaquín Grilo COSITAS MÍAS Sep. Thu 13 | 20:30 | De 10,00€ a 30,00€ | BUY

We can sometimes think that all that life offers us tomorrow is to repeat what we did yesterday and today.

But if we pay attention, we will realize that no day is the same as another.

“Modern man trying to eliminate the uncertainties of life and doubts, and in doing so, he left his soul dying of hunger, the soul feeds on mysteries.”

Discipline is always fundamental, we are more aware of our faults and distractions, but we also understand that at certain moments there was no reason to act as we act and we follow our impulse, our intuition; It is there that we begin to understand this silent language that shows us the right path. You can call it intuition, signal, instinct, conscience, it does not matter the name. What matters is that through “conscious attention” we realize that we are being guided many times towards the right decision. And this leaves us more confident and stronger to take out, show and give away everything we have inside.

I follow the path of my dreams, to seek my personal treasure. And during this journey I have gone through different situations. And in all this way I have learned to listen to the signs to let myself be carried away towards my destiny and happiness, learning to listen to the voice of my own heart.

“My little things”


Joaquín Grilo – Dance

David Peña “Dorantes” – “Guest Artist” – Piano

Antonio Rey – Guitar

Mara Rey – Cante

Makarines (2) – Cante

Ané Carrasco – Percussion

Faical Kourrich – Violin

Carlos Grilo, Diego Montoya – Palmas


Artistic and choreographic direction – Joaquín Grilo

Stage direction – Joaquín Grilo

Original idea – Joaquín Grilo, Nuria Figueroa

Choreography – Joaquín Grilo

Music – David Peña “Dorantes”, Antonio Rey

Scenography – Joaquín Grilo

Costume design – Díaz Salazar “Antolín”

Lighting Design – Óscar Gómez

Costume Design – Joaquín Grilo, Nuria Figueroa

Costume creation by Joaquín Grilo – Eda Artistic Center of Fashion and Design

Shoe store – Gallardo

Regiduría – Nuria Figueroa

Lighting technician – Marcos Serna

Sound technician – Laureano Serrano

Photographs – Miguel Ángel González

Sale and Distribution – Flaco Producciones S.L.

Executive production – Flaco Producciones S.L (Nuria Figueroa)

Production – Flaco Producciones S.L (Joaquín Grilo)

Management – Flaco Producciones S.L (Nuria Figueroa)

Compañía de Joaquín Grilo

Joaquín Grilo was born in Jerez de la Frontera in 1968, in the Pozo Olivar. He made his first dance studies at the school of Cristóbal “El Jerezano”. He continued his training in 1981 in the Dance Studio of Fernando Belmonte and Paco del Río, where in a short time he joined the “Ballet Albarizuela”, with which in 1983, with only fifteen years, he made one of his first tours as “First Dancer”.
In 1986 he performed at the “Queen Elizabeth Hall” Theater in London. In 1987 he danced in Seville in the Reales Alcázares before “Their Majesties the Kings of Spain” and “Their Majesties the Kings of England”, in his first visit to Spain.
In 1990 he moved to Madrid, where he held a position as “Soloist” in the “Teatro Ballet Español Company”. He is also hired to dance solo at the “Muestra Joven del Flamenco” (Mérida).
In 1992 he performed in Madrid in the “Zambra” room, within the show “Cinco Bailaores”. In that same year he acts as... +

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Avenida de María Luisa, s/n.

Medio: Trolley car

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