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Pepe Rueda y Tamara Aguilera CIEN AÑOS DE ARTE Sep. Sun 23 | 12:00 | 20,00€ | BUY

Tamara Aguilera and Pepe Rueda, both from the province of Seville, both with different aesthetics but the two flamencos. Tamara comes to us with her racial cante her strength and her youth, she will sing the songs of the gypsy. Pepe Rueda will take us to another cantaor concept with a style that led to masters such as Juan Valderrama, Marchena, Pepe Pinto … A show that will delight audiences.

1. Tangos
2. Joys
3. Seguiriyas
4. Fandangos
5. Bulerías

1. Soleá de Cádiz
2. Colombian
3. Fandangos
4. Milongas
5. Bulerías
6. Cantes de Levante
7. Party in heaven


Tamara Aguilera

Tamara Aguilera: cante

Manuel Herrera: guitar

Jose Antonio Montoya: palms

Manuel Aguilera: palms

David Romero: palms

Pepe Rueda

Pepe Rueda: cante

Pepe the French: guitar

Pepe Rueda

With more than twenty years of experience, Pepe Rueda recovers styles and forms that were once topical, then decay and now, after the appropriate adaptations, we refresh the memory of the different movements of flamenco Cantaor with a unique voice, who knows how to fill the cantes with beautiful melismas that makes it interesting to enjoy flamenco in its true dimension. Pepe Rueda knows how to carry the rhythm with tradition, filling cante symbols with symbolism, making a reminder of tradition, in an act of rebellion that brings us echoes of past times to the present, focusing on the avant-garde that we are living. We are before an all-terrain interpreter who knows how to pay tribute to his land with his voice and with the security of his expression on which he sheds palpable illuminations, the enthusiastic pleasure of the most severe good taste and the deepest melodic sensibility.

Tamara Aguilera

When he is related to one of the most pure gypsy cantaores like Manuel Cagancho, an authentic revolutionary of the cantes trianeros, they have to sing well the seguiriyas and if you run the blood of Juaniquin you have to have a special pinch to sing soleares
Taamara began to sing from an early age, she has always lived the cantes, they have learned them from uncles, cousins ​​and grandparents as something natural, they have not had to research and study to learn them, it comes from family.
She has had the luck and the privilege of listening to family gatherings such as “I have not heard better songs in my life than those of La Perrata”, or “this song was done by Tito Juaniquin”.
She has one of the most flamenco voices of the current panorama, since she is a great connoisseur who dominates all the cantes, whether free or compás. That rhythmic, delayed, reticent and sentimental sense characteristic of his cantes inherit from his great-grandmother Paula Reyes, who... +

Iglesia de San Luis de los Franceses + info and programming
how to arrive:


Calle San Luis nº27 (Casco Antiguo).

Medio: Bus: Line C5 [Stop San Luis-Inocentes].

Indicación: The Church of San Luis de los Franceses, founded by the Society of Jesus in 1731 and dedicated to Saint Louis King of France. It has been a seminary, a Franciscan convent, a venerable hospital, a factory in the 19th century, a hospice and at the beginning of the 20th century, now desacralized, a stage for performances like Don Juan Tenorio. After the restoration carried out in recent decades, it is open to the public for enjoyment. The Church, with its main altarpiece, its auxiliary altarpieces, its salomonic columns, its impressive dome and vault, draws attention for its circular shape in the shape of a Greek cross. The Domestic Chapel, is the most unknown, and the one that has most taken the effort of restoration, leaving a striking image in its entirety: ceilings, vault, walls, sacristy, etc. Finally, under the main temple, we find a simple crypt of dimensions and plant identical to that of the church. Restored and with a very special lighting, it also amazes all visitors.