Cancellations of shows during the weekend because of the weather

Four shows hosted by open-air venues had to be cancelled over the weekend due to the rain, on Friday and Saturday, the tickets will be fully refunded.

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Two shows of the Official Program, “Son de peñas” on Friday 15th and “La cava de los gitanos” on Saturday 15th, both scheduled at the open-air venue of Hotel Triana, had to be cancelled due to the rain. The tickets will be fully refunded from Tuesday September 18th on, automatically for those bought through the website and at the Teatro Lope de Vega’s tickets office for those bought in person, until October 16th.

Two other shows of the la Bienal Enciende Sevilla parallel program also had to be cancelled due to the same reason. It was on IMPERDIBLE. Artes escénicas‘s “Persecución“, which organization will get in touch with customers, and Eduardo Guerrero‘s premiere of “Sombra efímera” at the Rectorado de la Universidad de Sevilla, a show that will offer two passes on Sunday 16th, one at 9pm for those in possession of an invite for the cancelled session of Saturday, and a second one on 11pm for those with the Sunday pass.