Bienal de Flamenco 2000
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La Bienal 11 tries to offer a sample as wide as possible of the reality of flamenco in the change of Century. Under the direction of Manuel Herrera, the festival goes from September the 5th to October the 7th 2000. During 32 days of programme la Bienal hosts 47 pieces with a total of 55 shows, on 15 different venues to 68.300 attendees. Besides that, the cycle ‘la Bienal va a los barrios’ expanded the festival to the six greater districts of the city.

The stunning poster created by Luis Gordillo is a strong statement from the festival and its bet for the avant-garde flamenco. Some of the featured artists are Salvador Távora, Matilde Coral, La Paquera, Chocolate, José Mercé, Tomatito, the Ballet Nacional de España, Antonio Canales, Antonio el Pipa, Sara Baras, Israel Galván, El Güito, Manolete, Gerardo Núñez, Eva Yerbabuena or Serranito.