Bienal de Flamenco 1996
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In 1996 la Bienal keeps the intention of “discovering new ways in an art that is pure classicism”, as Director José Luis Ortiz Nuevo states. This is the commitment of an open-minded edition that earns such achievements as the first great concert of Dorantes, the ‘goodbyes’ of Pedro Bacán and Naranjito de Triana, the recognition of Manuel Soler as a major artist, the recitals of El Pele and Chiquetete, the shows created by Manuela Carrasco, María Pagés or Antonio Canales, the melodies of Gualberto and Rafael Riqueni… Worth mentioning is the Concurso de Jóvenes, due to the huge impact that its winners, Fernando Terremoto, Israel Galván and Niño Josele, will have in the future. The poster is created by the photographer Tato Olivas.