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Manuel Cástulo, Alicia Gil, Luisa Palicio y Rafael Campallo AL ARTE DE SU VUELO. XX EDICIÓN SON DE PEÑAS Sep. Fri 14 | 23:00 | 25,00€ | BUY

NOTE: this show had to be cancelled due to the weather conditions. The tickets will be refunded on the same credit number, if bought throung internet, or at the Teatro Lope de Vega’s tickets office, if bought phisycally, from Tuesday September 18th on until October 16th.

Alfredo Lagos presents a journey through the music of his life from the point of view of a flamenco-inspired musician. Their versions of jazz themes and other musical cultures, understood from the flamenco guitar, coexist with their own creations in this instrumental concert Accompanied by a versatile group, the flamenco guitar of Alfredo Lagos is the guide of a musical tour of wide horizons, where we can listen not only to their own compositions, but also their personal vision of great works of universal authors of different cultures.

Alfredo Lagos on “Sonanta Club”:
My path is still searched every day, like that of almost all musicians who feel truly committed to their work. I also have clear, that although I’m on the path of flamenco, because it is what I heard, enjoyed, sucked, since I was born, I do not want, nor in my opinion, I must, give up sounding from other points of view. I like, and I enjoy, jazz, tango, latin music, bossa nova, classical, manouche, among other styles, and now, I feel at the moment of offering my version on these other musics. From this record and concert, I want to tell other different things about previous works. ‘Sonanta Club’ is a song of love for the guitar, where I want to remember great musicians, whom I humbly pretend to approach and reach out to. With the soul in my stick pegs, the staff and the cousin.


Manuel Cástulo

Manuel Castulo is a cantaor who conserves the inherited purity of the people who saw him born. That is without a doubt the most accurate definition of his cante. He is a sober cantaor, slow and little given to effects, his cante does not look for a kind audience that comes looking for entertainment, focuses on the amateur who understands, who is excited to recognize some letters or a few turns that are no longer make.
His singing is not an easy song, it is deep, slow, painful and it is these characteristics that make it great and especially satisfying.
Winner of the XX National Flamenco Art Contest of Cordoba, in this 2017 he has presented his 3rd work “Entre Tiempos”.

Alicia Gil

Alicia Gil’s passion is flamenco, she is a flamenco student who she approached from when she was very small her cante is seen in the mirror of artists like La Perla, Pastora Pavón, Antonio Mairena or El Carbonerillo. Multidisciplinary and multi-faceted artist, she has combined her career as a cantaora with interventions in films and plays. With three albums to her credit she is immersed in the recording of her new work where she continues delving into her particular vision of flamenco. This new work that will be called “Corral de los Judios” has in the spotlight the Sevillian school of cante and more specifically the Trianera school.

Luisa Palicio

He was born in Malaga in 1984. He began his dance studies at the early age of four years in the academies of his hometown. He has had the opportunity to work and share the stage with artists of the stature of José Mercé, Carmen Linares or José de la Tomasa.
Throughout his career he has been 1st Prize of the Young Dance Contest of the Cristina Heeren Foundation and National Dance Award for Alegrías de La Perla de Cádiz. In the XIV edition of the Seville Biennial, she won the Giraldillo prize for the revelation artist. It has been awarded with the national prize of the critic “Miguel Acal”, granted by the A.C.E.I.F association of critics and researchers of flamenco.
Degree in choreography and interpretation of flamenco dance (2016) at the Angel Pericet Superior Conservatory of Dance (Málaga), she has been part of shows as a soloist dancer in ‘Homage to the Bata de Cola’, by Milagros Menjíbar; ‘To my land’, by cantaor Calixto Sánchez, or ‘Arquitectura de luz... +

Rafael Campallo

At the age of eleven, he began his career as a dancer. For four years he received classes from maestro José Galván and later continued his lessons with the dancer and choreographer Manolo Marín.
In 1992 he participated as a dancer in the show «Azabache», during the opening of the events of the Universal Exhibition of Seville and in the seventh edition of the Flamenco Art Biennial of Seville he represented «Tango» with María Pagés.
In 1994 he performed at the VIII Biennial, in the show «From the moon to the wind» directed by José María Sánchez and starring María Pagés. In 1996 he participated in the IX Edition of the Biennial in the Contest for Young Performers and also in the premieres of “Por aquí te quiero ver” by Manuel Soler and in “La raíz del grito” by Manuela Carrasco. This same year he holds the opening ceremony of the Alpine Ski World Championships, held in Granada, with the Company of Mario Maya, and becomes part of the Andalusian... +

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