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Niño de Pura y Manolo Franco COMPADRES
Sep. Mon 17 | 20:30 | De 10,00€ a 30,00€ | BUY

Sevillian guitarists star in the ‘Compadres’, demonstrating the benefits of collaborative art. 10 years later, Niño de Pura and Manolo Franco, unite their different conceptions of the guitar to make a concert in which sensitivity and virtuosity walk hand in hand and show us that they are compatible and that the guitar is still alive …


Niño de Pura: guitar

Manolo Franco: guitar

Churumbaque: cante

Agustín Henke: percussion

Pure of Pure: palms and sing

Mª José Álvarez: palmas and cante

Niño de Pura

Behind Niño de Pura is Daniel Navarro Cruz, a man who claims to feel like the eternal child and who started playing the guitar when he was only seven years old. With little else he began to make a living as a guitarist and to become a child prodigy, whose prodigious technique has always stood out. With a career marked by awards including the National Prize for Young Flamenco Guitar Performers, within the cycle of the Flamenco Art Biennial of Seville, the National Festival of Cante de las Minas in La Unión (Murcia), the “Zippa de Oro”, awarded by the Colombian press, or the Giraldillo del Toque at the Flamenco Art Biennial of Seville, to name a few, the Niño de Pura still lives in Bellavista, the place where he grew up, and is currently a professor of flamenco guitar at the Conservatorio Superior de Música de Córdoba, as well as teaching at the Cristina Heeren Foundation of Flamenco Art, a profession he combines with his career as a guitarist... +

Manolo Franco

Little given to prominence, the personality of Manolo Franco prefers the security of the rearguard, from where he has exalted his touch to the greatest of cante. That’s why his guitar lavishes accompanying. It is difficult, very difficult, to see it, however, to offer a solo guitar recital. And that was the first tocaor to get a Giraldillo in the Biennial of 1984. And that, which has recorded a work -Aljibe- that will remain as a delicate jewel for the remains. Classicist touch with Sevillian aroma that make it completely unique. So things, this recital is presented as a great opportunity to enjoy this discreet hero.

Teatro Lope de Vega + info and programming
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Avenida de María Luisa, s/n.

Medio: Trolley car

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Indicación: c1 y c2 stop Avda. María Luisa c3 y c4 stop c/ Palos de la Frontera 21, 22, 25, 26, 28, 29, 30, 31, 34, 37, 38 parada Prado S. Sebastián