Welcome to la Bienal

Eva Yerbabuena en Septiembre es Flamenco
Aurora Vargas y Pansequito en Septiembre es Flamenco
Flamenco Sacro en Septiembre es Flamenco
José Menese, Argentina y Milagros Menjíbar en Septiembre es Flamenco
Andrés Marín en Septiembre es Flamenco
Antonio Rey en Septiembre es Flamenco
Rancapinos en Septiembre es Flamenco
Ana Morales en Septiembre es Flamenco
Jerez en Septiembre es Flamenco
El Güito, El Potito y La Macanita en Septiembre es Flamenco
Arcángel y las Voces Búlgaras en Septiembre es Flamenco
Pastora Galván en Septiembre es Flamenco
Los Giraldillos en Septiembre es Flamenco
The second half of the “Jueves Flamencos”, about to start

Artists featured on la Bienal and “September is Flamenco” such as Juana la del Pipa, David Lagos, La Macanita or Juan Requena join the Fundación Cajasol program.

Three 2014 Giraldillos, to perform in Alcalá de Guadaíra

Farruquito, Antonio Reyes and Miguel Ángel Cortés, plus Argentina, Esperanza Fernández or José Valencia, at the XXXV Festival Flamenco Joaquín el de la Paula.

The 2015 MAX Award to la Bienal de Flamenco de Sevilla

Due to its contribution to the performing arts, it can be visited at la Bienal’s headquarters, Espacio Santa Clara.

This was “September is Flamenco”

You can now remember those 13 nights of flamenco hosted by iconic venues around the city on a video.

Eva Yerbabuena will close “September is Flamenco” on Sunday

Granada-born bailaora was awarded with a “Premios Max” precisely for this piece, that we will enjoy on Sunday at Teatro de la Maestranza.

“Flamenco Sacro”, flamenco and baroque together at the Real Alcázar

After being sold out during la Bienal, José de la Tomasa and Manolo Franco will perform again with Orquesta Barroca de Sevilla, this time with the full Orchestra.

The Giraldillos opened “September is Flamenco” at Lope de Vega

The venue hosted the artists awarded in la Bienal 2014 with a ‘sold out’ night that pleased the crowd.

Don Fadrique, protagonist during September is Flamenco

Antonio Rey, Ana Morales and Rancapino Chico accompanied Isabel Ojeda and Cristóbal Ortega on the presentation of these shows, hosted by Espacio Santa Clara.

Real Alcázar hosts 6 of the 13 shows of “September is Flamenco”

Patio de la Montería will witness nights of cante, baile and toque, featuring young talents and renonwned artists.

Baile, cante and toque at Don Fadrique’s Tower

This venue, reopened for flamenco after 14 years of closure, will be one of the places to enjoy “September is Flamenco”.

More than a thousand kids join the initiative Flamenco and Heritage

Since May 20th until June 9th, 20 different schools took their students to Santa Clara to know more about flamenco art and cultural heritage.