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The Ciclo BBK series of shows celebrates ten years of duende

Two of the 2014 Giraldillos, Rafael Riqueni and Antonio Reyes, in Bilbao with Pastora Galván, Antonio Canales, Manuel Molina or Jesús Méndez.

Belén Maya, David Lagos, Dorantes or Leonor Leal, to perform at Ciutat Flamenco 2015

This festival, a collaboration between Taller de Músics and Mercat de les Flors, is scheduled for May, from 21 to 24th.

The inscription period for Certamen Andaluz de Jóvenes Flamencos ends on April 28th

Antonio García Bermúdez, Rafael Ramírez Vílchez and Álvaro Pérez, winners of the last Certamen, performed on the XVIII edition of la Bienal.

Israel Galván writes the Official Message for the International Dance Day 2015

A great honor for a dancer that also received the Critics Award at Festival de Jerez for “FLA.CO.MEN”, a show enjoyed at la Bienal.

Niño de Elche publishes a cassette tape and a documentary about Miguel Hernández

Already online “Calle de Arriba, 73″, a work with Seidagasa, and “Sobre MH”, documentary filmed during the creative process of his third LP.

Flamenco, very present at the Premios MAX 2015′s list of nominees

Shows enjoyed at the XVIII edition such as “Bosque Ardora”, “FLA.CO.MEN”, “Nómada”, “Los invitados” or “Me va gustando”, nominated.

Esperanza Fernández, awarded with Premio de Cultura Gitana 8 de Abril

Given by Fundación Instituto de Cultura Gitana’s Counseling Board to the Triana-born cantaora on the Music category.

The Giraldillo Awards, delivered to its winners

The Giraldillo Award City of Seville, in honor to the late Enrique Morente, picked up by his daughter Soleá.

The occupation at la Bienal 2014, over the 96%

60 out of 67 shows were sold out and the earnings surpassed 864.000€.

La Bienal’s flashmob, around the world

Shanghai, Liubliana, Boston, Praga, Buenos Aires, Minnesota, Turín, Ámsterdam, Almaty, Beijing, Ottawa, Padua, Milano, Toronto, Quito… Are some of the cities that joined la Bienal #flashmobflamenco. Enjoy the videos!

La Bienal 2014, in video

Enjoy #MomentosBienal14 with bits of the shows of la Bienal, in the videos kept by the Audiovisual Archive of this XVIII edition.

Images of la Bienal 2014

Enjoy the best pictures of this XVIII edition with the images taken by Antoni Acedo for la Bienal’s Audiovisual Archive.