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“Los invitados”, “FLA.CO.MEN”, “Por los muertos del cante” and “Bosque Ardora” travel to Nîmes

January from 11 to 14th., Nîmes’ Festival Flamenco dedicates its 25th anniversary to Paco de Lucía.

Triana’s IV Poleá Flamenca, “Pascua y Son”

On Friday December 19th., District Triana will enjoy one of the last activities of the ongoing program Triana Sueño Flamenco.

La Bienal de Flamenco, with the tribute to Curro Fernández

La Bienal collaborates with the gala that will pay tribute to the 50 years-career of the Triana-based cantaor, December 17th at FIBES.

La Bienal, an example of excellence at the Forum of Chaouen

Director Cristóbal Ortega participates in the programme “Los Eventos Culturales en la Promoción y Desarrollo Territorial”, promoting the cultural exchange between Maroc and Andalousia.

Announced the Giraldillos awards for the XVIII Bienal de Flamenco

The members of the Jury announced at Santa Clara the artists awarded with the Premios Giraldillos on this XVIII edition of la Bienal.

Students of Sorbonne’s Musical Administration and Management MBA visit la Bienal

Students of the renowned Parisian university met la Bienal’s Director, Cristóbal Ortega, to know better how this institution works.

The occupation at la Bienal 2014, over the 96%

60 out of 67 shows were sold out and the earnings surpassed 864.000€.

La Bienal’s flashmob, around the world

Shanghai, Liubliana, Boston, Praga, Buenos Aires, Minnesota, Turín, Ámsterdam, Almaty, Beijing, Ottawa, Padua, Milano, Toronto, Quito… Are some of the cities that joined la Bienal #flashmobflamenco. Enjoy the videos!

La Bienal 2014, in video

Enjoy #MomentosBienal14 with bits of the shows of la Bienal, in the videos kept by the Audiovisual Archive of this XVIII edition.

Images of la Bienal 2014

Enjoy the best pictures of this XVIII edition with the images taken by Antoni Acedo for la Bienal’s Audiovisual Archive.