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Arcángel will takes us to an art crossroads in “September is Flamenco”

After recording live his new record “Tablao”, the Huelva-born cantaor joins the Bulgarian Voices for “Estruna”, on September 10th. at Real Alcázar.

More than a thousand kids join the initiative Flamenco and Heritage

Since May 20th until June 9th, 20 different schools took their students to Santa Clara to know more about flamenco art and cultural heritage.

Andrés Marín offers some details of his “Carta Blanca”

Sevilla-born bailaor answers some questions about his next show on the new la Bienal series of shows, “September is Flamenco”.

Tía Juana la del Pipa and Dolores Agujetas join “Jerez”

The will perform alongside Jesús Méndez, Diego del Morao and Manuel Parrilla on this “September is Flamenco” show.

Javier Barón opened Don Fadrique’s Tower to the city and to flamenco

It was reopened on May 29th by Alcalá-born bailaor, and in September it will host Pastora Galván, Ana Morales, Andrés Marín, Rancapino and Antonio Rey.

Pastora Galván tours the US

Before bringing her “Moratana” to September is Flamenco, she will perform on the 28th Alburquerque’s International Flamenco Festival.

La Bienal de Flamenco received its Max Award in Barcelona

The event was broadcasted last Monday through La 2 and RTVE.es, and at TVE International for the rest of the World.

September is Flamenco in Seville

September is Flamenco, to be opened by 2014 Giraldillos and closed by Eva Yerbabuena, will offer 13 days of flamenco from 8 to 20th.

Flamenco, protagonist on the Nights of Seville

These shows, hosted by Centro Cerámica Santa Ana, are scheduled from May 8th to June 26th.

La Bienal 2014, in video

Enjoy #MomentosBienal14 with bits of the shows of la Bienal, in the videos kept by the Audiovisual Archive of this XVIII edition.

Images of la Bienal 2014

Enjoy the best pictures of this XVIII edition with the images taken by Antoni Acedo for la Bienal’s Audiovisual Archive.